This SEPPI FORST M is a very efficient forestry mulcher.

It has an independent engine for attachment to special prime movers. 

The SEPPI FORST M is part of the forestry mulcher range which strive in the maintenance of woodlands, forests, power lines and utility rights of way.

SEPPI FORST M is suitable for the creation of firebreak strips and the maintenance of piepeline: gas and electricity supply lines.

It is the solution for sophisticated demands such as cleaning up after felling operations, land clearing, site preparation and right of way management.


  • Mulches wood up to 30 cm.
  • Working speed 0-3 km/h.
  • Universal attachment bracket.
  • 125 kW [170 HP] Diesel engine.
  • Drive with hydraulic torque converter.
  • 3 special belts.
  • Hydraulic rear hood.
  • Skids, adjustable in height by 5 cm.
  • Front & rear protection: triple chains / rubber.
  • Standard rotor: swinging hammers.



  • Swinging hammers with tungsten tips.
  • Fixed knife rotor with tungsten tips.
  • Narrow skids.
  • Rakes on hood for easier handling of the material to be mulched.
  • Chevrons for transportation on public roads.


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