Hedge Cutters

Hedge Cutters

Marolin specialise in the production of hydraulic bushcutters, the suitable solution for maintaining moats, for cutting small bushes, hedges, vineyards, crests. Their machines are made and tested at the best level, to satisfy customers and allow full operating mode for their hard and huge work.

The models have found a great interest in the European Community they have built lasting business relationships with importers and give a good assistance and after sales service.

Our models are broken into families to clearly identify our customer’s needs.Our bushcutters, including the little one for gardens, to the machines for cutting vineyards, to the professional bushcutters, are created for wide areas and enterprises working under contract.

Trust our expertise and our long experience through the years.



Our Garden compact range of hedge cutters for cutting hedges and bushes. Suited for 18/30 HP tractors.



Cutter-bar cm 130 for hedges (max 3 cm) – Cable controls – Safety mechanical lock for transport on the road – Connection by 3 points – Mechanical security – Stabilizers – Kit fast connection to the tractor – Kit super rotation cutter-bar – Special top link connection for tractors with only one top link position –

TRIMMY – uses oil coming from the tractor
TRIMMY EVO – is completely independent from the tractor.



Our Semi-professional hedge cutters have central rotation of the arm 90°, which is an ideal solution for cutting grass, shrubs, hedges or ditches clean up a.s.o. Suited for 70-80 HP tractors.



Professional “MAGNUM” range with central rotation of the arm 90°, is ideal solution for cutting grass, shrubs, hedges or ditches clean up a.s.o. Suited for 100-130 HP tractors. Telescopic arm.






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