FSI Stump Removal ST65T

FSI Stump Removal

The FSI Stump Grinder is supplied in Ireland by Green Equipment Supplies. This Stump Grinder pictured below was delivered in April 2011 to a cherry plantation. After 25 years the cherry tree is past its productive life cycle and so the time has come for the stump to be removed so that the land can be resown. The land below has over 350 stumps per hectare to be removed.

FSI Powertech 1  FSI Powertech 2

The tractor has 90 HP. The diameters of the cherry stumps are 26-28 cm.
There are 350 stumps per HA.

FSI Powertech 3

Cutting above the ground, and the full width into the ground for the roots, takes maximum 1 minute and 10-30 seconds.

FSI Powertech 4 FSI Powertech 5

Here stump number 556 is cut. It took 1 minute and 28 seconds.

FSI Powertech 6

After cutting 604 cherry stumps the first new teeth are mounted. The 4 deepest working are replaced. Of the rest some have been turned 1, and some 2 times.

FSI Powertech 7 FSI Powertech 8

This Tree Stumper is excellent in percision delivery, it is hard wearing and suitable for all tree stumps.

FSI Powertech 9

Power required 70-120 HP
PTO speed (shart incl) 540rpm
Hydr. connection 1 double and 1 single
Oil Flow max 90 L/min
Cutting Disc w/teeth 720mm
No of teeth 28
4 Motions all controlled from cab above / below 600/500 mm
  width 1400-2200 mm

lenght 650mm

  lift/lowering guard
Remote control Joy stick electirc/hydraulic
Machine size: Height 1700mm
Length* width 3200*1520mm
Weight 700Kg



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