SEPPI H-SMO-B Excavator Mounted Mulcher

SEPPI H-SMO-B Excavator Mounted Mulcher is suitable for 5-13 tonne excavators.


SEPPI H-SMO-B Excavator Mounted Mulcher is a strong and versatile mulcher for maintaining wasteland and areas which are difficult to access.

This mulcher can be mounted on small and medium tracked excavators or excavators with tyres.

The H-SMO-B is designed for excavator attachment with a hydraulic transmission.

The rear hood allows the adjustment of the degree of mulching.

With the support roller, it is possible to adapt to the contours of the ground and to adjust the height of cut.


  • Mulches grass & wood up to 7 cm
  • Supplied with bracket to suit excavator
  • Predisposed for hydraulic transmission with different motor types at choice
  • Pressure: 250 bar
  • Recommended oil flow: 46-135 l/min
  • 3 hydraulic lines needed: pressure line, tank line and drain line
  • Adjustable rear hood
  • Front protection: chains
  • Rear protection: rubber flap
  • Adjustable rear roller to set the height of cut
  • Standard rotor: SMO flails


  • Rotor with 3 Y flails instead of hammers
  • Variable displacement motor with relief valve, different types at choice
  • Rotation inverter valve
  • Mechanical float adaptor
  • Excavator bracket with 180° rotation
  • Roller scraper
  • Additional front rubber flap


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