Energreen Barrier Mower

Energreen Barrier Mower

The Energreen Barrier Mower is designed and built to be applied to the front of work vehicles. Characterised by numerous hydraulic movements, it can be used for the fast, effective automatic mowing of verges, even where there are road signs and guard-rails. The right-hand upright of the Energreen Barrier Mower, which can be opened 180°, allows, during the positioning phase, insertion of the attachment on any type of guard-rail; during work, obstacles such as road signs and billboards are overcome with ease. During transport, the positioning system ensures excellent compactness and outstanding visibility for the driver. Versatility, the possibility of it being used in 4 different positions – frontally (right or left) and at the rear (right or left) – make the raiber usable in any situation. Ideally, the Energreen Barrier Mower is used in situations where there are a number of obstacles and obstructions, near schools for example where there are a high number of road signs.

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Materials and specifications of the Energreen Barrier Mower are subject to change without notice.
Please consult us for those items you may require.
This specification sheet may contain attachments and optional equipment that are not available in your area.

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