Excavator Mulchers

The Excavator Mulchers come with hydraulic drive and have been made specifically for being mounted on excavator arms.

Get out to all of those areas which are difficult to reach! Whether its marshlands, uneven grounds or steep slopes, with an Excavator Mulcher you will clear it all!

Seppi's mulchers for excavator mounting are fantastic tools which are especially suitable for remote greenspace maintenance, road sides and river banks.




SEPPI H-SML Mulcher for Mounting on Small Excavators 2-5 t Small excavator with a H-SML Mulcher does a great job!






SEPPI H-SMO-B Excavator Mounted Mulcher 5-13 t Small excavator with mulcher. Great in greenspace maintenance!






SEPPI MINI BMS Excavator Mounted Mulcher 5-10 t Strong performance, light weight!






SEPPI BMS-L Excavator Mounted Mulcher BMS-L 7-15 t Easy to handle forestry mulching!






SEPPI BMS-F Mulcher for Excavators and Railway Vehicles 13-25 t For railways and other specific needs.






SEPPI BMS Excavator Mounted Mulcher 13-25 t Get the most out of your excavator






SEPPI SUPER BMS High Performance Mulcher for Excavator Mounting 20-35 t A superior forestry mulcher – for excavator mounting.





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