Heavy Duty Mulchers

Heavy Duty Mulchers

Green Equipment Supplies offers a large range of Heavy duty mulchers, with different sizes and power in stock to suit your needs. We also have an extensive range of Medium duty mulchers in stock and even more ranges can be viewed from our Mulchers page if you so wish.

These mulchers can be attached to tractors up to and including 200 HP! They offer outstanding performance and robust construction. Heavy duty mulchers are designed to mulch heavy scrub and tress. The Heavy duty mulchers we have in stock takes mulching to a whole new level. Whatever you need mulched you can be assured we'l have what it takes! The range we offer is SEPPI, they have over 75 years experience and is now one of the foremost manufacturers in the heavy duty mulcher sector.


SEPPI OLS fh Heavy Duty Flail Mulcher 55-105 HP Professionals are delighted with the strength of these mowers!


SEPPI WBS Heavy Duty Flail Mulcher 60-130 HP Great and invincible… The Heavyweight Champion!


SEPPI SMWA multipla Flail Mulcher for Large Areas 100-155 HP Clear large areas easily – up to 5 meters in one pass!


SEPPI OLS multipla Flail Mulcher for Large Areas 100-200 HP Clear large areas easily – up to 7 meters in one pass!


SEPPI SMG multipla Flail Mulcher for Large Areas 70-160 HP A dream of a Mulcher – mulches large areas in short time!


SEPPi Mulcher

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