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All Stump grinders viewed on this page are sold and maintained by Green Equipment Supplies.


FSI-Powertech-2FSI Stump Removal ST65T

The FSI Stump Grinder is supplied in Ireland by Green Equipment Supplies. This Stump Grinder pictured below was delivered in April 2011 to a cherry plantation. After 25 years the cherry tree is past its productive life cycle and so the time has come for the stump to be removed so that the land can be resown. The land below has over 350 stumps per hectare to be removed.



Stumpgrinder-T25-470-311T25-470 FSI Stump Grinder

The T25-470 FSI Stump Grinder requires a power of 25-55 HP (19-41 KW) The machine has a PTO speed (shaft incl.)  of 540 rpm/min.



Stump crusher - fc-3-700SEPPI FC STUMP GRINDER 70-130 HP

SEPPI FC STUMP GRINDER 70-130 HP – Stumps become soil – ready for new plants! A stump grinder  is an equipment attachment for a tractor that removes tree stumps using of a rotating cutting disk or knives that chip away the wood.




kastor stump grinderSEPPI KASTOR STUMP GRINDER

SEPPI KASTOR STUMP GRINDER for Stumps of any Diameter. 80-130 HP Get rid of stumps – no matter what size! With the KASTOR STUMP GRINDER from SEPPI eliminating stumps is easy, no matter what their diameter.




excavator mulcherSEPPI KASTOR hyd STUMP GRINDER

SEPPI KASTOR hyd STUMP GRINDER for Exavators from 10 to 20 t [22,050-44,090 lb] Big stumps removed easily! The KASTOR hyd STUMP GRINDER from SEPPI removes stumps from roads, parkings, parks and forests.




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