SEPPI Stump Grinders

SEPPI Stump Grinders

SEPPI Stump Grinders  in Ireland are supplied by Green Equipment Supplies.

We are a SEPPI agent, reseller and distributor in Ireland.

We supply, service and maintain Stump Grinders throughout Ireland.

Seppi is now one of the foremost manufacturers in its sector and has been manufacturing grinding equipment for more than 45 years.

Seppi have over 75 years experience and they are constantly researching for new solutions and technologies.

Seppi use optimal material when making their Stump Grinders. The quality is excellent as they use only the best components.

Every Seppi GRINDER is tested before leaving the factory.

SEPPI Stump Grinders


SEPPI Stump Grinders

Seppi FC Stump Grinder 70-130 HP


Seppi Kastor Stump Grinder


Seppi Kastor hyd Stump Grinder





SEPPi Mulcher

FSI Stump Grinder

Reverse Drive Tractor

FSI Stump