SEPPI SMO fh universal Flail Mulcher 40-95 HP

SEPPI Flail Mulcher 40-95HP

When mulching becomes your profession!SEPPI Flail Mulcher 40-95HP Road sides, meadows, pastures – the SMO fh Flail Mulcher satisfies professionals in the most varied situations with an ever clean cut.

The SMO fh Flail Mulcher may be shifted to the right up to a maximum of 17 cm [6.7″] (for working widths up to 175 cm) or up to a maximum of 28 cm [11″] (for working widths from 200 cm).

The side shift is linear and works even while the machine is working, with hydraulic control from the tractor seat.

The SEPPI Flail Mulcher 40-95HP


  • Mulches grass and prunings up to 7cm [2.8”] Ø
  • Working speed 3–7 km/h
  • Reversible ISO 3-point linkage
  • Up to L=175: cat. 1 & 2
  • From L=200: cat. 2
  • Linear hydraulic side shift
  • 1000 rpm gearbox with freewheel and cross shaft
  • Input shaft 1 3/8” Z=6
  • Number belts
  • Up to L=200: 4
  • From L=225: 5
  • Adjustable rear hood
  • Support roller, adjustable in height by 5 cm [2”]
  • Front protection: metal flaps (OPT 181) or chains (OPT 025)
  • Rear protection: rubber flap
  • Standard flails up to L=200: SMO from L=225: SMW

The SEPPI Flail Mulcher 40-95HP OPTIONS

  • PTO shaft (for 1 3/8" Z=6)
  • Rotor with Y flails
  • 540 rpm gearbox
  • Gearbox with inverter and double freewheel for reversible tractors
  • Front attachment
  • Additional 3-point linkage
  • Hydraulic sweeper XAN
  • Herbicide spraying system XID
  • Chevrons for transportation on public roads

The indicated kW and HP refer to the power required at the PTO output shaft, not to the nominal tractor power.

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