Hydraulic Harrows

M.A. – H Kronos- Hydraulic Harrows

Serie M.A. – H and Kronos – Hydraulic Harrows allow you to combine ease of transport with the traditional Moreni performance that is found in a standard power harrow. Cost reduction is ensured by adequate working width, reduced costs of processing and maintenance and a high resale value. All Moreni components are sourced and manufactured in Europe, this has 2 advantages:

  • Ability to source components quickly
  • Also to maintain good quality


Third point linkage and hydraulic system
The double structure of the third point linkage is optimized by large steel sections that ensure high strength in critical areas and an easy accessibility to all mechanical parts. Hydraulic cylinders are totally closed during the working stage, this feature eliminates any damage to the cylinders.


The harrow closes in few seconds through widely oversized hydraulic cylinders. The heavy lateral wings, characterized by double joints of 65 mm, ensure maximum strength and resistance to bending stress and torsion.Safety is guaranteed by hydraulic latches, pins and valves. The folding kinematics design limits space and optimizes the center of gravity during the transport.
Serie M.A.-H Systems

Gear case and tine holder distance – The minimization of the distance between gear case and tine holder leads the flow of soil towards the blades, allowing a perfect shredding and an unmatched work with both 2 or 3 blades machines.

Rotors interspace: Thanks to a closer interspace between rotors (4 rotors per meter), the breaking of the soil is guaranteed by a single process. Engine effort is maximized while fuel consumption is minimized.

mah-system dual-systemThe Dual System is the perfect line up between the heavy one piece steel nondeformable bearing holder and the pair of minimum tolerance ball bearings. This system ensures perfect rotors stability and an absolute protection from dust and crop residues through two double labyrinth seals.
gear-systemThe connection between the single cast special crown with an elongated sleeve and the shortened central shaft (75 mm), allows a perfect power transmission between gear box and gear wheels cascade. Thanks to Gear System and materials quality, Moreni’s harrows are able to work in all types of soil and in combination with high power.


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