SEPPI H-SML Mulcher is for mounting on small excavators from 3 to 6 tonne.



SEPPI H-SML Mulcher comes from a chasis made from hardox steel. This reduces its weight while maintaining strength and durability.

Green Equipment Supplies usually fit a 0.85m SEPPI H-SML Mulcher on 3 tonne excavators and increase the width of the mulcher as the weight of the excavator increases.

This SEPPI H-SML Mulcher is ideal for mounting on mini-excavators for the maintainence of small greenspaces, riverbanks and canals.

The metal flap protection on this SEPPI H-SML Mulcher is efficient while working in vertical postitions.


  • Supplied with bracket to suit excavator
  • A range of motors available
  • Pressure: 210-250 bar
  • Recommended oil flow: 40-80 l/min
  • 3 hydraulic lines needed: pressure line, tank line and drain line
  • Front protection: metal flaps
  • Rear protection: safety rubber flap
  • Adjustable rear support roller
  • Standard rotor: SMW hammers


  • Rotor with 3 Y grass flails without shackles
  • Rotor with 2 Y grass flails on shackles
  • Variable displacement motor with relief valve
  • Mechanical float adaptor
  • Excavator bracket with 180° rotation
  • Roller scraper
  • Additional front rubber flap


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