Rotary Rake


Double  Rotary Rake


Rotary Rakes supplied from Green Equipment Supplies are from the Moneni Range. Strong, durable and cost effective.

Rotary Rake









 The Rotary Rake will give you perfect straight rows regardless of where you are raking. It has a 3° pivot point with built in shock-absorbers to ensure no speed reduction between rows. The tandem axle gives perfect adhesion to the ground.

The Rotary Rake boasts a tandem majorated axle with two half-turning wheels for an easy swerve in narrow spaces, it also has a hydraulic piston providing adjustable work heights.

Why the Moneni Rotary Rake

  • Everyday farming requirement
  • Good quality, cost effective rake
  • After vigorous testing, GES became the Irish distributor
  • The Arms are profile tubing.
  • SN – tourning 3° point
  • 4R – tandem wheels
  • SP – special tandem axle
  • SPG – new tandem axle
  • It boasts a Comer gearbox – The Comer gearbox is currently the best in the industry. Comer Gearboxes are of the highest standard while their price is no different to any other brand. Here at Green Equipment Supplies we can proudly state that our Rotary rakes are fitted with the highest quality Comer gearboxes.


 All equipment viewed on this page is supplied by Green Equipment Supplies.

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