high performance forestry mulcher
180-252 HP*

Powerful yet easily maneuverable forestry mulcher!



The tree shredder STARFORST is a compact and powerful forestry mulcher with an especially aggressive new rotor. Its newly developed, innovative 3-point linkage with self-aligning mechanism makes it easy to maneuver.

Strong & reliable for professional vegetation management such as land clearing, right-of-way management, site prep, creation of fire breaks, road side maintenance, pipeline and power transmission maintenance.



  • mulches wood up to 40 cm [16”] Ø
  • working speed 1 – 5 km/h
  • cat. 3 central articulated ISO 3-point rear linkage
  • 1000 rpm gearbox with freewheel
  • input shaft 1 3/4” Z=20
  • EVA (TM) alignment system
  • double drive
  • 10 belts
  • hydraulic rear hood
  • skids
  • front and rear protection: quadruple/ single chains
  • standard rotor: fixed knives (OPT 228)



  • PTO drive shaft
  • PTO drive shaft with torque limiter
  • mechanical guard frame
  • hydraulic guard frame
  • reinforced hydraulic guard frame “Alberta”
  • reinforced hydraulic guard frame with rakes
  • narrow  skids
  • centrifugal clutch
  • ADAM (TM) alignment of the PTO drive shaft for better PTO shaft angles
  • chevrons


* The indicated kW and HP refer to the power required at the PTO output shaft, not to the nominal tractor power.


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